Scott Duthie

MS, Microbiology (University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh) BS, Microbiology and Public Health (University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh)

Scott began his career in Dr. Stephen Munroe's lab at Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI. Dr. Munroe was studying splice site junctions in messenger RNA and it was there that Scott began learning molecular biology. In 1985, Scott parlayed his molecular biology learning experience into employment with Pharmacia P-L Biochemicals in Milwaukee. During his time with P-L Biochemicals Scott researched and developed products that included RNA synthesis, manual/automated DNA sequencing, and DNA/RNA purification and amplification. In 1998 Pharmacia and Amersham USB merged (eventually becoming Amersham Biotech) and Scott re-located to New Jersey.

During this time Scott had demonstrated managerial acumen that culminated in him becoming Director of Nucleic Acid Sample Handling, guiding the research of 11 scientists. When GE purchased Amersham Biotech in 2004 Scott had migrated back to the lab bench and moved to GE Research. Here, he has worked on a varied array of projects including CRISPER-Cas9 editing of DNA and protein splicing, DNA amplification, purification, sequencing and vaccination. He is also a key technical lead on a number of forensics projects. Scott is a co-inventor on 18 issued patents with 20+ patent applications in progress.

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