Radislav Potyrailo

PhD, Analytical Chemistry (Indiana University, Bloomington, IN)

Radislav is a Principal Scientist at GE Research. He has an Optoelectronics degree from Kiev Polytechnic Institute (1985) and PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Indiana University (1998).  At GE Radislav has been directing numerous programs in the areas of design and excitation of physical transducers, materials with multi-response mechanisms to ambient environments, univariate and multivariate data analytics, and system engineering of microanalytical instrumentation. His focus is to bring innovative sensing systems with previously unavailable performance capabilities from laboratory feasibility studies to field validation and to commercialization.  Radislav has been serving as a Principal Investigator on US Government programs funded by AFRL, DARPA, DHS, NETL, NIH, NIOSH, and TSWG. Some of the results Radislav summarized in 130 granted US Patents and 150+ publications on transducer technologies, sensing materials, and data analytics describing sensing concepts and their implementations.  Radislav is the initiator and a co-organizer of the First Gordon Research Conference on Combinatorial and High Throughput Materials Science.  He serves as an editor of the Springer book series Integrated Analytical Systems, he is the North America Regional Chair of International Society for Olfaction and Chemical Sensing and Chair of the Device Working Group of the MEMS and Sensors Industry Group. His recent recognitions include SPIE Fellow for achievements in fundamental breakthroughs in optical sensing and analytical systems and Prism Award by Photonics Media/SPIE. 

My thrill is to learn about unmet needs in sensing across numerous emerging applications, to communicate our new sensing schemes that boost sensor accuracy and stability in the field, and to deliver our technological solutions to our partners and customers.

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