Rachel Gettings

MS, Marine Biology (University of Maine) BS, Marine Biology (University of Maine)

Rachel is a Lead Engineer with 6+ years experience in technology innovation and development at GE.  She started her chemical engineering career at GE working on several Power & Water business and externally funded (DOD, RPSEA) projects for micro- and nano- filtration membrane & materials development, waste-water treatment technology scale-up, system design & build, and techno-economic modeling.  She has spent the second half of her career using her experience in water treatment and membrane development to develop and transfer a gravity based clarification technology to GE Healthcare's bioprocessing industry and improve midstream CHO cell clarification.  In 2017, Rachel transitioned onto a wearable sensor project and worked with a multi-disciplinary team to develop and optimize a wearable sweat sensor patch to monitor military personnel and first responders under high stress conditions.  Rachel currently leads a program in the Aviation Services portfolio aimed at developing anti corrosion treatments for on wing, new make, and overhaul engine components on GE90, GEnx, CFM56, and future engine lines.  Rachel is a member of the Functional Materials organization and also works extensively with the Structural Materials organization helping develop the next suite of coating technologies for GE Aviation.

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