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Prasanna B

  • Work experience of 12+ Years in research & development
  • Worked on testing on different flow loops, pressured systems & mechanical testing setups like coal spray rig, static seal rig, ejector rig, air sparger test setup, flange test rig, diesel spray rig, pitch bearing test rig, erosion rigs
  • Experienced in design, development & modifications of test rigs
  • Expertise in handling of high pressure systems like sensors, tubes & fittings, Vessels, compressors
  • Experience in manufacturing composite panels for lab testing, strain gauge mounting
  • Experience in capturing high speed images for tests
  • Design & development of test facility for lab scale, coordinating on day-to-day basis with vendors for manufacturing and supply of test equipment’s, comparison of vendors for technical expertise and reducing lead-time
  • Instrumentation, controls & data acquisition using NI-Labview & DAQ systems

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