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Pierino Bonanni

PhD, Electrical Engineering (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) MS, Electrical Engineering (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) BS, Electrical Engineering (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Pierino (Perry) is a Senior Engineer in the Controls & Optimization discipline at GE Research.

He specializes in signal and image processing, with emphasis on detection, estimation, and inverse problems arising in controls and diagnostics applications.  He has performed and led applied research efforts in advanced manufacturing, fault detection, machine vision, robotics, satellite navigation, non-destructive inspection, and remote sensing.  He is a 2017 recipient of the IEEE CSS Control Systems Technology Award for his work on Trip Optimizer. He is the architect of MATLAB software packages and data visualizations in wide use at GE. 

He is a book author, has received over 40 GE awards and recognitions, and holds 29 U.S. patents to date.

Every day at GE is an opportunity to solve challenging problems and offer solutions that can impact the world.

  1. 1993
    Management Award - Solid Rotor Software - Ultrasound inspection of turbine rotor forgings. Cited in GE Research 1993 Welch letter.
  2. Management Award - Laser Scanner Path Planner - High volume, reconfigurable textile cutting
  3. 1996
    First filed patent - "Photodiode Array for Analysis of Multi-Burner Gas Combustors"
  4. Dushman Award - Advanced TBCs - Robotic application of thermal barrier coatings. Steam cooling enables 60% efficient H-class power plant.
  5. 2001
    Management Award - Crane Vision - Machine vision for control of a steel mill gantry crane
  6. Dushman Award - Trip Optimizer - Train location determination and track database systems
  7. 2013
    Trip Optimizer surpasses 100 million miles of revenue service, saving 25 million gallons of fuel across North America, Australia, and Brazil.
  8. Award - 25 Issued Patents
Just for fun
Just for fun

Perry is a native New Yorker and speaks three languages.  He is an avid woodworker, photographer, weightlifter, and musician.

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