Paul Fitzgerald

A.A.S., Electrical Engineering Technology (Mohawk Valley Community College)

A 35-year veteran of GE Research, Paul started his career in semiconductor research, developing several custom systems to test high-voltage integrated circuits and high-voltage/high-power discrete devices.

Paul then became part of the team that developed flat-panel amorphous-silicon-based x-ray detectors leading to the first known medical imaging systems using digital x-ray detectors: products were introduced in 2000 for digital mammography, radiography, and cardiology. Paul contributed to early prototype imaging systems, covering aspects such as ultra-low-noise amplifiers, electronic circuits, mechanical design and software. Later, Paul developed multiple highly customized automated testers and led a team to transfer this technology to product manufacturing.

In later years, Paul performed research related to computed tomography (CT) imaging by developing pre-clinical CT imaging systems based on flat-panel detectors. Four of these systems were deployed to research hospitals in the U.S. and Germany; Paul served as the liaison between GE Research and those sites.

Recently, Paul worked on various topics related to clinical and industrial CT imaging, including system design, radiation dose, image quality and simulations. One of Paul's biggest passions lies with the development of new nanoparticle-based contrast agents for CT imaging. With critical aspects of these agents intersecting the fields of chemistry, biology, imaging science, and medicine, Paul's contribution to this work includes designing and performing experiments to assess the in vitro and in vivo performance of the agents in development; assessment includes biological and X-ray physics-based analysis.

Just for fun
Just for fun

When he was younger, Paul spent some time cruising the country in a Volkswagen bus, he worked at a casino as a craps croupier, and he work as an auto mechanic.

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