Paul Chen

MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering (Cornell University) BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering (Cornell University)

Paul grew up in Hawaii, then studied engineering at Cornell University. He started at GE Research as an intern, and then stayed as an electrical engineer since 2009, working on circuit design, sensor systems, and high temperature electronics. Lately, he worked on flexible wearable electronics with sensors to help improve worker safety, particularly around electrical hazards. Paul's range of experiences include: microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors, silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET integrated circuits, lasers and optoelectroincs, semiconductor device physics, ultrasound transducers, DC-DC power supply design, microcontroller firmware development, LabView, integrated circuits CAD layout, and printed circuit board design. Paul has 18 published papers and 12 patent applications.

"Working with a multidisciplinary team to solve complex technical and business challenges is the best part about working at GE Research. We are set up to tackle the world's toughest problems and produce world-class results. There are many examples of things-that-only-we-can-do."

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