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Paul Ardis

PhD, Computer Science (University of Rochester)

The future of aviation lies in disruption stemming from digitization. At GE, that future starts with a Digital Twin for every aircraft engine, tracking and understanding its operational effectiveness, health, and fleet role - from manufacturing to retirement. Dr. Paul Ardis leads the research portfolio to make this happen, working across capabilities and business units to make the most of GE's best scientists and engineers.

What this means comes down to two core concepts:  safety and efficiency.  Cutting-edge technologies like drone inspection, autonomous additive manufacturing, and self-healing network modeling allow for the development of dynamic plans to get engines built, installed, and flying passengers safely around the world with minimal waste or disruption, no matter what happens.

Proud to call upstate New York his home, Dr. Ardis came to GE in 2013 after appointments as a professor at Rochester Institute of Technology and under contract to the Air Force Research Laboratory.

"I work here because we work to make the world a little better every day - less frustration, less trash. Not just to sell ads."

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