Nitish Umang

PhD (EPFL, Switzerland) MS (MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA) BS (IIT Delhi, India)

Nitish Umang is a lead operations research scientist and a member of the Controls and Optimization group at GE Research. His research largely focuses on the application of operations research (OR) techniques to improve the performance, reliability and robustness of large scale systems. From an OR perspective, Nitish is particularly interested in integrated operations optimization, real-time re-planning and robust scheduling. 

During his graduate studies and thereafter, Nitish has developed mathematical models and novel algorithms to solve complex decision problems arising in a wide array of applications such as aviation, maritime logistics, healthcare, energy, power and manufacturing.

Nitish has been a reviewer for several international journals and is a member of the Editorial Board of the journal Transportation Research Part E - Logistics and Transportation Review. Before joining GE Research, Nitish was a postdoctoral associate at CIRRELT in Montreal, Canada. 




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