Michal Osusky

PhD, Aerospace Engineering (University of Toronto, Canada) BE, Engineering (University of Victoria, Canada)

Michal is a lead engineer in the Thermosciences organization, with more than 5 years of experience tackling high pressure turbine CFD problems.  With a focus on temperature prediction, Michal has led efforts to quantify the effects of combustor-turbine interaction with the goal of turbine durability improvements.  His current work involves gas-path temperature prediction simulations (both large and small scale), as well as work on the Digital Thread for Design (DT4D℠) project.  He holds a PhD in the area of Aerospace Engineering from the University of Toronto, Canada, as well as a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Victoria, Canada.

Just for fun
Just for fun

Outside of work, Michal enjoys doing anything outdoors, including hiking, camping, gardening, and skiing.

Michal’s Work

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