Masako Yamada

PhD, Physics, Computational Science (Boston University) MS, Physics, Computational Science (Boston University) BS, Physics and English (Wellesley College)

Masako leads a team of scientists and engineers who develop full-stack industrial software to connect people + data + things. The goal is to enable better outcomes -- and continuously improving those outcomes -- for customers, in fields as diverse as biopharmaceutical processing, additive manufacturing and service shop inspections. 

Masako has pursued high-performance simulation/modeling for decades: as an undergraduate at Wellesley College; intern at the University of Chicago; NSF Graduate Research Trainee at Boston University; and PI/co-PI of peer-reviewed US Department of Energy supercomputing awards here at GE Research. Masako has worked with other organizations to optimize algorithms in areas such as load-balancing, massively parallelized time-acceleration and code for hybrid CPU-GPU architectures. She has been recognized by the high-performance computing press including the 2014 HPC Wire People to Watch award.

At GE Research, Masako has worked on many wonderful projects including: LCD display films, wrinkle-diminishing creams, industry-leading optical biosensors, anti-icing surfaces and additive manufacturing inspections. 

Masako has always loved music, literature and the arts. She's freelanced as a patent translator, trade magazine writer, restaurant critic, lifestyle columnist, piano teacher and vocal accompanist for decades before the terms "gig economy" and "creative class" became popular.

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