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Mark Vermilyea

PhD, Mechanical Engineering (RPI) MS, Mechanical Engineering (Stanford) BS, Mechanical Engineering (Cornell)

Dr. Vermilyea has 35 years of experience in analysis, design, manufacturing and testing of several generations of GE products. His early career involved superconducting magnet development for MRI systems, and he pioneered new techniques for active and passive magnet shimming as well as novel design techniques for coils, mechanical supports and cryogenic systems. He worked on x-ray source development for 14 years, including rolling element and hydrodynamic high-vacuum, high-speed bearings, cooling systems, and multi-disciplinary optimization of multi-spot source designs for next-generation CT systems. His recent work has focused on manufacturing of composite materials for subsea drilling risers, wind turbine blades and aircraft engine components, and he is moving back into his roots in MR imaging leading teams developing new high-power gradient coils for neurological scanning.

Forty years of experience and success in developing and transitioning technology to GE businesses. Extensive knowledge of technology application areas from cryogenic to refractory temperatures  including high speed rotating components, high voltage, polymer and ceramic matrix composite materials, and applications of materials science. Proven leadership capability of teams with wide spans of experience, physical location and technical skills on projects ranging from urgent product introduction to long-range research. Significant experience with mentoring and education of the next generation of engineers.

Dr. Vermilyea earned his BS, MS and PhD, all in Mechanical Engineering, from Cornell, Stanford and Rensselaer respectively. He is the holder of 58 US Patents and author of 50 publications.

Outside of work, Mark enjoys cycling, hiking, singing, acting, guitar and participating in the ongoing education of the next generation.

Never lose sight of the big picture while working the details, and actively seek out new ideas and perspectives as you navigate your career. Enjoy the people you have the privilege to work with.

  1. 1981
    First 0.8 T superconducting MR magnet at GRC
  2. Compact 3T MR system working at Mayo Clinic

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