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Margaret Blohm

PhD, Inorganic Chemistry (University of Minnesota)

Margaret was born and raised in Schenectady, NY.  After graduating from the University of Minnesota in 1986 with a PhD. in Inorganic Chemistry, she completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Colorado State University. 

Margaret joined GE Research in 1987 and for the first 10 years, she worked primarily on polymer-related projects for GE Plastics. She later became Lab Manager and she and her team invented, developed and commercialized a breakthrough new resin, LEXAN SLX. 

In 2002, Margaret accepted leadership of the new Nanotechnology Advanced Technology project.  For the next 10 years, she led the multi-million-dollar, multi-disciplinary team developing advanced material solutions for GE Aviation, Healthcare and Energy.  Her team collaborated with the businesses in developing next generation technologies in disk & airfoil alloys, thermal spray & functional coatings, SOFC, diagnostic contrast agents and additive manufacturing to name a few.   

Margaret is currently Technical Discipline Leader for Structural Materials. Her team is responsible for supporting the development and commercialization of critical new materials technologies for the Aviation and Power businesses, including Services, Investment Casting, Next Generation Disks, Advanced Blade Cooling, Thermal Barrier Coatings and many other advanced materials.

Margaret has two wonderful children.  Mark graduated from the University of Rochester and is enjoying a gap year while he decides on grad schools. Annie is a junior at Georgetown University.  Margaret is adjusting to her “empty nest” and has 2 big rescue dogs to keep her and her husband, Steve, busy.

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