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Maozhong Gong

PhD, Electrical Engineering (Harbin Institute of Technology) MS, Electrical Engineering (Harbin Institute of Technology) BS, Electrical Engineering (Jinan University)

Maozhong's research area is grid-connected renewable energy, especially Solar. Dr. Gong’s work focuses on the power converter control in the context of power grid integration. He specializes in the modeling and analysis of the solar power converter and grid interactions and control algorithm design to improve the performance, especially the transient performance.

Currently, Maozhong is the PI at GE Research for two DOE SETO office funded projects: "Smart PV Invertia Control based on Real-time System Inertia Awareness(Award # 34231) " and "Open Source Fault-tolerant Grid Frequency Measurement for Soalr Inverters(Award # 34232)",working with ORNL. He was the PI for the DOE SunLamp project “Frequency Response Assessment and Improvement of Three Major North American Interconnections due to High Penetrations of Photovoltaic Generation” with ORNL. His team worked on providing inertia from solar to address the decreased system inertia due to high penetration solar.

For more than a decade, Dr. Gong has been involved in many Solar inverter NPI projects and worked closely with the product engineering team to lead the GE Utility Solar inverter grid performance study and advancement at GE Global Research.

Dr. Gong built the Hardware-in-the-Loop platforms for GE Solar, Energy Storage and Wind converters in GE Global Research Center, Niskayuna, NY. These platforms are key to validate and improve GE Renewable Products advanced grid integration performance.

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