Liz McDonough

MS, Forensic Molecular Biology (State University of New York at Albany) BS, Science Preprofessional (University of Notre Dame)

Liz has been with GE Research since 2010, where she has been a significant contributor and technical leader in the development and validation of a new technology for multiplexed analysis of fixed tissue samples (CellDIVE™). This research platform has brought forth a range of collaborations with clinical research and academic institutions, and pharma companies, with whom she has worked with directly and/or provided techical support to. Over this period, her experience has spanned applications in oncology, neuropathology, and infectious disease as well as the execution of a 2-year collaborative project applying the multiplexing technique to human induced pluripotent stem cells. She is also the technical lead on a NIJ funded project for the automation and method optimization for sperm chromatin capture.

Prior to her work at GE, Liz was a DNA analyst at a private forensic firm, where her focus included challenged DNA templates and optimization of PCR from formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissues. She is an active volunteer for GE community events including leading the annual NYS Capital Region National Science Bowl at GE Research, which brings together high school teams to test their science knowledge and promotes STEM subject interest. 

Just for fun
Just for fun

Outside of work, Liz can be found somewhere in the Adirondacks or at the McDonough "farm" with her dogs and chickens.

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