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Kum-Kang Huh

PhD, Electrical Engineering (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Dr. Kum-Kang Huh is a Principal Engineer in the Electric Power organization at GE Research.

Since he joined GE Research in 2008, he participated in and led various research programs related to electric machines, power electronics, and their controls for various applications including aviation, transportation, oil & gas, and automotive.  His areas of expertise include high speed high frequency AC electrical machine controls, advanced vector controls for various types of electric machines, position self-sensing and sensorless control for traction motors, and power conversion systems for electric and hybrid electric propulsion systems.

Kum-Kang also worked in the automotive industry in Korea between 1995 and 2002.  He was with Mando corp. where he held broad range of responsibilities including new product introduction, advanced product development, and fundamental research.  As the manager of the motor controls group for the last three years, he led the product development of motor drives for electric power steering (EPS) systems. Prior to that, he played key roles in developing electric traction drives for electric and hybrid electric vehicles as a motor controls engineer.

He has 24 issued patents and authored more than 40 peer reviewed publications. He received two first prize paper awards from IEEE Industry Applications Society.

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