Kimberly Polishchuk

MS, Materials Science (Alfred University) BS, Ceramic Engineering (Alfred University)

Kim is an experienced Ceramic Engineer with the heart of a Data Scientist. She has a material science background ranging from polymeric gas separation membranes and solid oxide fuel cells, to ceramics used in military armor and investment castings. Kim is a skilled experimentalist with experience in programming (VBA, C++, LabView) and data analytics (JMP, Tableau, DesignExpert, SQL and Historian databases). 

Kim is currently collaborating with GE Power's new Schenectady Cores and Castings (SCC) facility. SCC is productizing advanced blade cooling (ABC) cores for industrial gas turbines. Kim spent the last 6 years helping to optimize the formulation and processing of these complex cores for both aerospace and industrial gas turbines. She is also currently aiding the shelling team to develop a robust shell system. Expanding from a research level effort to full manufacturing has enabled Kim to develop her database skills to identify trends and correlations in production data.

Prior to her focus on investment casting, Kim worked on a variety of projects at GE Research with a focus on design of experiments, optimization, and process-property relationships. Projects included military grade armor, gas-separation membranes, and sodium battery electrolytes. She also worked on solid oxide fuel cells and SiC igniters prior to joining GE.

Just for fun
Just for fun

Kim and her husband, Yakov (who you'll also find at GE Research), enjoy doing home improvement projects together. Their latest project involved designing and building a custom tree house and boat for their children's playroom.

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