Karim Younsi

Previous to his present position, he was a High Voltage insulation systems engineer with GE Energy in Schenectady, NY. Prior to that, he worked as a dielectrics and insulation research engineer with GE Canada in Ontario, a research engineer with Ontario Hydro Technologies in Toronto (Canada), and a research associate with Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario (Canada). He is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). 

In 2003, Karim joined GE Research in Niskayuna, NY, as a senior dielectrics and insulation systems engineer working in the Electric Machines Laboratory. Karim’s efforts are focused on Insulation System Design and Electrical Asset Health Monitoring technologies. His activities involve developing novel sensors for monitoring electromechanical equipment health, developing diagnostics and prognostics tools to help enable Condition Based Maintenance and improve reliability and availability of industrial C1and grid assets.

Since my first day at GE Research, 15 years ago, I cannot cease to feel the impact on all of us of this amazing pool of experts we work and interact with everyday. From our technicians to our chief engineers, there is always an answer to your questions and a genuine interest to hear your crazy ideas! Our diversity at GE Research teaches and enriches me everyday as a researcher but also as a team player.

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