Kalpesh Singal

PhD, Mechanical Engineering (University of Minnesota - Twin Cities) BE, Mechanical Engineering (Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi, India)

Kalpesh is a lead model based controls engineer at GE Research. Since joining GE Research in 2014, Kalpesh has touched most of the GE businesses. His most significant contributions have been around developing real time optimization and control solutions for products in oil & gas, transportation and the renewable sector.

Kalpesh has a PhD from University of Minnesota - Twin Cities and a bachelors from Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi. During his doctoral studies, Kalpesh worked on designing a novel magnetic sensor for in-vivo tension measurement in ligament for use during total knee replacement surgeries.

Kalpesh has filed 9 patents and authored 10+ peer reviewed publications.

"I have always been draw to the interface of digital and physical worlds. Even as a kid I was facinated by how I could control things around me using computers. It ceaselessly amazes me how by using optimization and controls, the boundary of possibility for the physical systems can be extended."

Just for fun
Just for fun

Kalpesh likes to do astrophotography in his free time.

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