John Interrante

MS, Electrical Engineering (Stanford University) BS, Computer and Systems Engineering (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

John is an experienced software engineer, cultural enthusiast, volleyball player, and traveler.  Deaf since birth, John is bilingual in English and American Sign Language.  He grew up in New York's upstate Capital Region, worked over ten years in California as a Stanford University doctoral research assistant and a Fujitsu Networks contract programmer, and joined GE Research in 1998 as a computer scientist after moving back East.  John has made diverse industrial software, knowledge discovery, and computational intelligence contributions to projects in aviation, brilliant factory, commercial finance, energy storage, gas turbine monitoring, and mass media research as well as co-authored 27 internal publications, 8 external papers, and 6 US issued patents.

John has worked as a graphical user interface developer (InterViews, Fresco, Eclipse, NetBeans), a full-stack web developer (CASPER, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Predix), a system administrator (Linux, Hadoop, Puppet, Jenkins, Predix), and a high volume/high velocity data scientist (PostgreSQL, Hadoop Map/Reduce, Pig/HBase, Enterprise Historian).  More recently, John has worked on a code signing service with PKCS11/Hardware Security Modules and several software validation and verification projects using semantic reasoners and boolean satisfiability solvers (SADL, ASSERT, Lustre, Kind2, DARPA CASE VERDICT).  

He is also captain of GE Research's summer volleyball league's software team and co-chair with Marlee Rust of the GE Research People with Disabilities Network chapter.

  1. Williams, J.W., Aggour, K.S., Interrante, J., McHugh, J. and Pool, E., 2014, October. Bridging high velocity and high volume industrial big data through distributed in-memory storage & analytics. In 2014 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data) (pp. 932-941). IEEE.

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