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Jim Sabatini

Mr. Sabatini has been with GE Research for more than 45 years as Lead Specialist Electronics and valued member of Biology & Physics Tech Domain at the Niskayuna NY GE Research headquarters. He leads diverse applications focused on physical and electrical interconnect of critical signal hybrid high-density circuits. He is responsible for conceptual electronic designs, physical layout, micro-system engineering using numerous CAD graphical software’s.

He possesses vast experiences of successful integration with advanced semiconductor interconnects and physical packaging techniques using ECBU technologies, COF, WSCSP, 3D Multichip stacking, Ultra-Thin stacking and MCM’s and holds 15 patents in these technologies. He’s been Responsible Engineer and significant contributor in developments of HDI design rules and EDA platforms, includes developing software apps and automated DRC, design methods, design rule development and transitioning of EDA technology. His external projects include technical design leadership in many external projects under direction of AFRL and NIH. Further, supporting GEHC Mobile Digital Healthcare Business with ATP and NPI programs using applied technical and related experiences.

  1. T-J. Kao, B. Amm, X. Wang, G. Boverman, D. Shoudy, J. Sabatini, J. Ashe, J. Newell, G. Saulnier, D. Isaacson, D. Davenport, “Real-time 3D electrical impedance imaging for ventilation and perfusion of the lung in lateral decubitus position,” Conference Proceedings–IEEE Engineering in Medice and Biology Society, 2014:1135-8. doi: 10.1109/EMBC.2014.6943795.

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