Jed Pack

PhD, Electrical Engineering (University of Utah) MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering (Brigham Young University) BS, Electrical Engineering (Brigham Young University)

I have been working on improving CT image reconstruction technology for the past 15 years and have enjoyed some great successes moving the state-of-the-art forward, including leading the technical developments for the wide-cone reconstruction algorithm for the Revolution CT scanner and inventing and developing the SnapShot Freeze algorithm that provides unprecedented temporal resolution for coronary artery imaging to diagnose heart disease. I also developed the reconstruction algorithm for the CTX 9800 airport luggage scanner and worked on the development of Gemstone Spectral imaging, which brought fast dual energy imaging to CT.

I never perfected an invention that I did not think about in terms of the service it might give others.

Thomas Edison
  1. 2004 timeline
    Derivative Backprojection Reconstruction Formula
  2. 2008 timeline
    Gemstone Spectral Imaging
  3. 2012 timeline
    SnapShot Freeze
  4. 2013 timeline
    Revolution CT Recon
  5. 2018 timeline
    Snapshot Freeze 2

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