James Tallman

PhD, Mechanical Engineering (Penn State University) MS, Mechanical Engineering (Penn State University) BS, Mechanical Engineering (University of Minnesota)

Jim is a Mechanical Engineer with more than 17 years of hands-on industrial design, modeling, and simulation experience.  That experience encompasses a broad array of present & future GE products: including high-pressure turbines (aero, thermal, mechanical), advanced seals, energy systems, nuclear reactors, heat exchangers and heat recovery steam generators, thermal coatings, investment casting processes, design for additive, and dust accumulation & separation.  Currently, Jim is serving as the product leader for Digital Thread for Design (DT4D℠), where a joint physical + digital team is inventing the tools and practices for re-imagining engineering simulations using Artificial Intelligence.

I've always found GE Research as a place where new opportunities are constantly being born. No matter how broad the challenge, there's a team of technical experts to help you get started.

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