H. Kirk Mathews

BS, EE (1984, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) MS, EE (1993, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Kirk started his career with GE in 1997 in GE Aerospace’s Defense Systems Department where he developed complex simulations, Kalman filters and performed systems engineering for a variety of defense projects. In 1997 he joined GE Research where he has contributed to and led a variety of projects in control, estimation and fault detection.  Some highlights are:

  • Locomotive Traction Control
  • Appliance power control & boil detection
  • Intelligent Engine Program (an early example of Digital Twin)
  • Model based engine controls for the Joint Strike Fighter
  • Trip Optimizer, an advanced cruise control for freight trains (currently project lead)
  • Additive Manufacturing control and diagnostics

Prior to joining GE he worked for McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Co. (now Boeing) where he developed Kalman Filters for the Tomahawk Cruise Missile program.

Kirk has 41 patents and 10 publications.

"The Scientist explores what is, the Engineer creates what has never been."

Theodore von Karman
  1. 1984
    McDonnell Douglas Astronautics (now Boeing)
  2. 1987 timeline
    GE Aerospace
  3. 1993
    Martin Marietta acquires GE Aerospace
  4. Lockheed and Martin Marietta merge
  5. 1997
    General Dynamics acquires Lockheed divisions
  6. 1997 timeline
    GE Global Research
Just for fun
Just for fun

I enjoy canoeing in the nearby Adirondack mountains with its numerous lakes and rivers.  My brother and I have a tradition of taking our sons on a week long wilderness canoe trip every year.  To make the many carries easier I've build my own lightweight (28 lb) skin-on-frame canoe.

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