Fiona Ginty

BS, Microbiology (National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG)) PhD, Nutrition Sciences (University College Cork, Ireland)

Fiona leads a group of cellular and molecular scientists in Biosciences who are inventing new methods and applications for the life sciences industry, including new cell therapy workflows, forensics, synthetic biology and cell imaging.

For over 10 years at GE Research, she has also led a multidisciplinary program and collaborations to develop a multiplexed imaging platform for fixed tissue, which has led to new insights into tumor biology and immune response. It has been commercialized by GE Healthcare as a service at Neogenomics Laboratory(MultiOmyx) and as a research platform  (Cell DIVE). She is Principal Investigator on a NIH RO1 which is investigating apoptosis heterogeneity in colorectal cancer and co-PI with Indiana University which aims to characterize immune response to DCIS and patient outcomes. Earlier in her career she led research on osteoporosis, bone health and vitamin D metabolism for the UK Medical Research Council (MRC) in the Bone Research Group at the MRC Elsie Widdowson Laboratory in Cambridge, UK and in the Minerals Research Group at the Nestle Research Center in Lausanne, Switzerland. She has 13 patents and 32 publications that span nutrition, bone biology, metabolism, oncology and technology development and translation.

Fiona has a B.S. Microbiology from National University of Ireland, Galway and Ph.D. in Nutritional Science from University College Cork, Ireland. 

..our dynamic teams combine expertise in biology with engineering, math and computer science ..building groundbreaking technologies and tools for analyzing and interrogating disease.

  1. 1998 timeline
    Ph.D. Graduation, University College Cork, Ireland
  2. Post-doc at Nestle Research Center, Switzerland, and my first patent in nutrition applications for bone health
  3. 2003
    Leading research programs on dietary, genetic and lifestyle factors modifying bone development during adolescence at MRC Cambridge
  4. 2008 timeline
    Leading a new pathology platform for biomarker analysis in cancer tissue at GE Research
  5. 2014 timeline
    Completion of technology transfer to GEHC and commercialization - MultiOmyx
  6. 2017 timeline
    Awarded 5 year NIH RO1 to investigate role of tumor cell heterogeneity in patient prognosis in colorectal cancer
Just for fun
Just for fun

Montreal is one of my favorite cities for it's unique Quebecois history, culture and food. The annual Formula 1 race in June is the ideal intersection of extreme technology, competition and fun. Go Ferrari!

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