David Toledano

PhD, Applied Physics (Yale University) MS, Applied Physics (Yale University)


  •  Ph.D., Yale University (Applied Physics)
  •  M.S., Yale University
  •  B.E., Stony Brook University (Electrical Engineering)


  • GE Research (Since 2002)
  • Senior Engineer, Controls and Optimization
  • McKinsey and Company (2000-02) Management consultant
  • United States Peace Corps (1992-94) Educator
  • NCR (1988-1992) Design Engineer


Research Topics & Projects:

  • 3 US Patents, 14 Patents Pending
  • 9 Technical Publications
  • Simulation and Modeling of Complex Systems and Operational Networks in Healthcare, Aviation and Finance; Control and Optimization of Business Processes in Aircraft Repair Shops; Estimation and Optimization of Aircraft Engine Lifing; CAD Translation and Control Coding for Additive Manufacturing; Financial Outcome and Scenario Analysis; Data System Design and Management

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