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David Mills

PhD, Biomedical Engineering (Duke University) BS, Electrical Engineering (LeTourneau University)

David M. Mills is a senior engineer at GE Research. He joined GE as an ultrasound probes engineer, designing medical ultrasound transducers using PZFlex  (FEM) simulations for both piezoelectric and cMUT based transducers. Another research interest is in new clinical applications for ultrasound that are enabled by real-time 3D ultrasound imaging, visualization algorithms, and customized user interfaces.

During his doctoral work, David obtained a broad education that covered both technical and clinical areas as a foundation for the work he has done since then. At GE Research, David has continued to develop and expand his technical expertise in the area of medical ultrasound transducers.  He was recognized for his expertise with an invitation to give a technical talk on cMUTs at the 2004 IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium - receiving the most outstanding paper award from the IEEE-UFFC for his paper on a real-time 3D catheter probe. As part of his technical work with GE, David has spent extensive time with clinicians learning about their requirements to better understand how to optimize an ultrasound system and probe for their use. He has lead multidisciplinary projects focused on specific clinical areas to replace other imaging modalities with a point-of-care ultrasound system and probe optimized for clinical use. This has included the development of a small, real-time 3D ultrasound imaging probe, visualization algorithms, and a customized user-interface to fit the existing work-flow of specific procedures.  David has also led a multi-year advanced technology program on ultrasound drug delivery using microbubbles that lead to the formation of the ultrasound innovation circle, a collaboration mechanism to allow researchers to modify system parameters that are key to optimizing drug delivery.

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