David Lin

PhD, Mechanical Engineering (George Washington University)

Dr. David Lin, is an enthusiastic MEMS innovator in the Electronics Organization of GE Research. His work focuses on MEMS physical sensor design, microsystems integration and reliability.  Dr. David Lin has 17 years of industrial experience in MEMS device development and proven track record of bringing MEMS device from concept generation to production.

During Dr. David Lin’s 17-year industrial career in MEMS research and development, he has successfully led multiple MEMS programs from novel concept generation into high volume production.  He has also developed modeling techniques including multiphysics simulation, reduced order modeling and package MEMS co-simulation, and made contribution to MEMS reliability.

Dr. David Lin authored close to 50 US patents related to MEMS design and fabrication and published extensively in academic journals and industrial conferences such as IEEE Sensors, International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems.

MEMS is intriguing to me because it reminds me how a small device, when put into a right system, can do amazing things. The same holds for people.

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