David Davenport

MS, Electrical Engineering - Digital Communications and Signal Processing (Northeastern University) BS, Electrical Engineering (Union College)

Dave is a Technology Manager for Ultrasound Physics & Biomedical Engineering at GE Research and has led engineers and scientists towards innovative research goals since 2012.  Prior to this position, he spent 14 years as a Senior Engineer and Project Leader.  In these roles, Dave guided multi-disciplinary technical teams in the development of ultrasound imaging, optical systems, wireless and wired instrumentation for physiological monitoring, diesel particulate sensing, indoor and outdoor geolocation, industrial monitoring, railway signaling and control, and more! 


Dave has also led efforts to create new radio regulations and international technical standards for Medical Body Area Networks via the FCC and IEEE 802.15.6, respectively. He has been granted 46 patents for this cumulative work, which has benefited multiple GE businesses including GE Healthcare, GE Transportation, GE Advanced Sensors and GE Security.  In his current role as Technology Manager he focuses on innovation in ultrasound and biomedical engineering fields.

  1. T-J. Kao, B. Amm, X. Wang, G. Boverman, D. Shoudy, J. Sabatini, J. Ashe, J. Newell, G. Saulnier, D. Isaacson, D. Davenport, “Real-time 3D electrical impedance imaging for ventilation and perfusion of the lung in lateral decubitus position,” Conference Proceedings–IEEE Engineering in Medice and Biology Society, 2014:1135-8. doi: 10.1109/EMBC.2014.6943795.

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