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Dave Kepczynski

BS, Mechanical Engineering (Kettering University) MS, Engineering and Management of Technology (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Dave Kepczynski is the Chief Information Officer for GE Research and Engineering Leader for GE’s Digital Technologies.  His team’s missions are the development, scaling, and maturing of digital technologies and digital engineering capabilities for global research and the enterprise to deliver business value in technical velocity and product performance, cost, delivery, and quality.  These include:

- Digital Thread, Model Based Enterprise, Materials, and Product Lifecycle Management

- Digital Engineering & Design Technologies, Visualization, and Virtual Validation

- High Performance Computing for Modeling, Analysis, Simulation, and Optimization

- Requirements Management and Application Lifecycle Management

- Data & Attribute Standards, Genealogy, Classification, Stewardship, and Controls

- Digital Product Structure, Configuration Management, Cost Innovation, & Re-Use

- Product Management, Software Engineering, Data, and Analytics

- Knowledge Management Services, Digital Libraries, and Collaboration

- Global Program/Project Management, Financials, Resources, & Operations

- Modern Workplace and Digital Resources for End Users (Creators & Consumers)

- Enterprise Resource Planning, Financials, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Reporting

- Cyber Security, Risk, Governance, and Intellectual Property Protection

- Technology Architectures, Data Models, and Blueprinted Processes

- Infrastructure, Data Center, Cloud, NW/Servers, Hosting, WAN/LAN, Telecom, Storage 

Prior to this, Dave served as the Engineering Chief Information Officer for GE Oil & Gas where his teams drove digital transformation within engineering and across the functions.  They developed industry leading business processes, digital technologies, integrations, and automations.  They accelerated the adoption of enterprise foundational capabilities to deliver more than $100M in business productivity and product cost savings.

Prior to GE, he spent more than 25 years with GM leading teams in Global Systems Development & Operations, Enterprise Business & IT Transformation, Global Design Execution & Operations, Vehicle & Powertrain Product Development, International Assembly Operations, and Regional Manufacturing Engineering.

Dave is a graduate of Kettering University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Automotive Specialty), receiving the Brooks & Kushman Design Award.  He is also a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a Master of Science in Engineering and Management of Technology.  He is a certified RedX Problem Solver and DFSS Blackbelt.  Dave also:

- Serves on GE’s Corporate Information Technology Council

- Chairs the Engineering Chief Information Officer Council 

- Chairs the US Government’s Department of Energy Exascale Computing Project (ECP) Industry Council

- Serves on AIAA’s Digital Engineering Integration Committee & Digital Thread Subcommittee

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