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Darren Hallman

As the Technology Director for Mechanics and Design, Darren leads a global team applying analytical and experimental techniques to design, analyze and validate mechanical solutions that improve the durability, affordability and efficiency of GE’s product and services.

Mechanics and Design has five main teams. The Durability team develops and validates methods to predict and extend the life and operability of components and systems. The Mechanical Systems team develops novel machine components and architectures for rotating machinery and automation systems. The Mechanical Synthesis team develops digital models of manufacturing processes to improve predictability and quality of as-manufactured parts. The Probabilistic Design team develops and applies novel methods to optimize designs under uncertainty and minimize risk in engineering systems. The Structures team analyzes, designs and optimizes mechanical components and systems of a vast array of material systems under challenging load and environmental conditions. These teams often partner with other groups in GE Research on challenging multi-disciplinary problems across all of GE’s businesses.

Darren has been with GE for over 20 years with over 15 years leading mechanical technology development teams focused on energy, aerospace and healthcare applications. He began his career as a noise and vibration engineer solving complex acoustic and vibration issues that enabled GE to meet regulatory and operational compliance in the power, healthcare and home appliance fields. He has previously also led teams engaged in developing novel healthcare systems and new rotating machinery concepts.  Darren has over 20 issued patents in the healthcare, appliance and rotating machinery fields.

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