Corey Bourassa

PhD, Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering (University of Notre Dame) MS, Aerospace Engineering (University of Notre Dame) BS, Aerospace Engineering (University of Notre Dame)

Corey is a technology leader with 15+ years of experience integrating advanced technology into commercial and military aircraft and turbine engines with significant experience developing technology for turbine operations in harsh, hot, and high environments.

He is currently manager of the Heat Transfer, Thermal Management, and Systems teams at GE Research, who innovate and develop next-generation thermal technologies for the Aviation, Healthcare, Power, and Renewables markets.

Corey received his BS, MS and PhD from the University of Notre Dame in Aerospace Engineering.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

Abraham Lincoln
Just for fun
Just for fun

When not working, I am a father of two, amateur photographer and enthusiastically follow Formula 1.

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