Chrystal Chadwick

BS, Biology (S.U.N.Y Albany)

Chrystal Chadwick is a Cell Biologist with a primary focus on supporting the development and validation of techologies for immunotherapy and cancer research. She works with multidisciplinary teams to solve problems for customers and provides support and guidance to aid in experimental testing. Prior to GE Research, her experience encompassed many areas including virology, immunology, cell biology, imaging, histology, animal research and BSL-3 level work with West Nile Virus, Ricin, and Influenza.  During her undergraduate work, she gained experience as a veterinary technician which helped to start her career at the Wadsworth center in Slingerlands, NY.  From there, she gained a vast knowledge in many areas of biology and finally decided on a career in Cancer Research and Cell Biology at GE Research. 

As long as you’ve got passion, faith, and are willing to work hard, you can do anything and have anything you want in this world

  1. 2003
    Graduation B.S. SUNY Albany
  2. Assistant Research Scientist at NYS DOH (Wadsworth)
  3. 2010
    Cell Biologist - GE Research
  4. Assistant Research Scientist NYS DOH (Wadsworth)
  5. 2013
    Cell Biologist - GE Research

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