Cathleen Hoel

PhD, Chemistry (Northwestern University) BS, Chemistry (Washington University in St. Louis)

Cathleen Hoel joined GE Research in 2010 to develop processes that enable forming complex ceramic components. She analyzed binder decomposition reactions and how they influenced the physical properties of the ceramic for a stress model of the process.

Cathleen developed novel ceramic slurry compositions and methods for assessing variation across components in a low-rate production scale. She then worked on thermal barrier coatings to increase their capability in extreme environmental conditions. Cathleen determined key process parameters that lead to component variation and helped transition the process from research to pilot scale. Recently, Cathleen has been evaluating additive manufacturing as another process to fabricate complex components. She is understanding the key design parameters to print a geometry and firing parameters that are similar versus different from traditional manufacturing.

Prior to joining GE Research, Cathleen was at Northwestern synthesizing and characterizing indium-based transparent conducting oxides. She used the Argonne Advanced Photon Source for advanced X-ray characterization methods.

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