Bruno De Man

PhD, Electrical Engineering (University of Leuven) MS, Electrical Engineering (University of Leuven) BS, Electrical Engineering (University of Leuven)

Bruno De Man received BS, MS, and PhD degrees in EE from the University of Leuven, where he pioneered iterative reconstruction for X-ray CT. After joining GE Research in 2001, he continued this research with the University of Michigan, Purdue University and the University of Notre Dame, leading to the commercial introduction of Veo, offering dramatic dose reduction for patients.

Dr. De Man is widely known for the distance-driven projection technique, which was adopted in both the CT and PET industry. He was one of the two original authors of CatSim, a CT simulator used in industry and in academia. In collaboration with Stanford University, he led the development of the first multi-source inverse-geometry CT scanner. He led the team developing the reconstruction for GE's top-of-the-line CT scanners.

He has long-term close collaborations with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, University of Washington and Massachusetts General Hospital. He currently manages the Radiation Systems team, covering PET, CT and X-ray for healthcare and industrial applications.

What excites me most at GE Research is the ability to work with people from all different backgrounds to funnel deep expertise and creativity into breakthrough innovations for society.

  1. 2002 timeline
    Invention of the distance-driven projection technique (jointly with Dr. Samit Basu) , which is at the core of model-based iterative reconstruction, adopted in both the CT and PET industry
  2. 2006 timeline
    Introduction of CATSIM: a new Computer Assisted Tomography Simulation environment
  3. 2012 timeline
    Led the development of the first multi-source inverse-geometry CT scanner in collaboration with Norbert Pelc at Stanford University
  4. 2016 timeline
    First introduction of deep learning approaches in the CT and PET reconstruction chain
Just for fun
Just for fun

Growing up, Bruno's biggest passion was playing music. He played with the Brussels Youth Orchestra (violin), in church (organ), in various classical ensembles (piano) and in multiple rock bands (keyboard).


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