Bruce Amm

PhD, Mechanical Engineering (Florida State University) MS, Mechanical Engineering (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) BS, Mechanical Engineering (University of Toronto)

Bruce is working at the frontier of Healthcare, AI, Sensing, and Embedded Systems.  Starting over 20 years ago as a mechanical engineer in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, working on thermodynamics and structural finite element analysis, his strong computer skills allowed Bruce to quickly move to magnetic field analysis and magnet coil placement optimization, helping to design the magnets and gradients used in current GE products.  Having an insatiable curiosity, and always on a continuous quest for learning and growing, Bruce moved into other healthcare areas, including digital x-ray, CT, and physiological parameter monitoring.  Building on this extensive background in healthcare, he has further expanded his expertise into Autonomy, Automated Defect Recognition, and Remote Cloud-Based Sensing.  Never forgetting his engineering roots, Bruce has knack for taking new technology and making it usable for solving problems in a practical way that can be easily integrated into the existing workflow.  Current and recent projects include: developing AI OpenCL (GPU) solutions for automated defect recognition of turbine airfoils; developing firmware for bare-metal and RTOS embedded systems for remote autonomous monitoring, and developing and deploying behaviors as part of a three-layer autonomy architecture for a rounding robot.

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