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Brian Davis

PhD, Molecular Virology (Case Western Reserve University) BS, Biology ( State University of New York at Binghamton)

For most of his career, Brian has focused on practical applications of gene delivery and cell therapy. At GE Research, Brian has led and contributed to programs related to cell therapy, gene therapy, pluripotent stem cell and hematopoietic cell expansion in bioreactors, closed system cell harvesting and passaging, novel approaches for DNA delivery into human cells, plasma medicine, and tool development for microfluidics, biomarker characterization, sterilization, and filtration.

Brian's Ph.D. thesis work focused on gene delivery of the MGMT drug resistance gene into hematopoietic stem cells using retroviral vectors to provide hematopoietic chemoprotection and expand the utility of chemotherapeutic agents in the treatment of cancer. As a Post-Doc and Senior Scientist at VIRxSYS Corporation, he developed improved methods for delivery of lentiviral vectors into stem cells, in vivo selection for transduced cells, evaluation of a lentiviral packaging cell line, and contributed to the first clinical protocol approved for lentiviral vector gene therapy. At Ordway Research Institute, Brian generated and tested cDNA and shRNA libraries in lentiviral vectors to characterize biological processes including cell cycle, senescence and cell survival factors.

Brian has a B.S in Biology from State University of N.Y. at Binghamton and a Ph.D. in Molecular Virology from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH. Over his career he has published over 21 peer reviewed publications and 14 pending and issued patents. He has successfully received funding from NIH, DARPA and IARPA and contributed to other government funded programs.

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