Azar Alizadeh

PhD, Physics

Azar Alizadeh is a Principal Scientist at GE Research in Niskayuna, New York and has extensive experience in the field of nano-bio-manufacturing.  Azar’s interests and specialties are in advanced manufacturing (flexible hybrid electronics and 3D printing), healthcare technologies (with focus on wearables, digital mobile health and precision medicine) and open innovation.

In her current role, she is leading several cross-functional teams across industry, US National Labs and academia to advance materials, system level integration and manufacturing of low cost wearable solutions for human health and performance monitoring. Most recent examples of this work include development of disposable wireless vital sign monitoring devices for hospital use and development of wireless sweat sensing devices for continuous assessment of hydration and heat stress during exertion, which received the FLEXI R&D Achievement Award 2018 from FlexTech/Semi.  Azar’s earlier work at GE Research focused on design and development of low adhesion and icephobic surfaces for aviation and wind-energy applications as well as development of quantum dot infrared photodetectors.

Azar holds a PhD in physics and joined GE in 2000 subsequent to completing a postdoctoral position at Virginia Tech. She is a fellow of NextFlex- the Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing USA Institute and has over 47 peer reviewed publications and 16 US patents/patent applications.


Representative Publications:

Azar Alizadeh, Andrew Burns, Ralf Lenigk, Rachel Gettings, Jeffrey Ashe, Adam Porter, Margaret McCaul, Ruairi Barrett, Dermot Diamond, Paddy White, Perry Skeath, Melanie Tomczak;  “A wearable patch for continuous monitoring of sweat electrolytes during exertion”;  Lab on a Chip (2018), DOI: 10.1039/c8lc00510a

Ted Farrington & Azar Alizadeh; “On the Impact of Digitalization on R&D”; Research-Technology Management (2017), DOI: 10.1080/08956308.2017.1348130

Azar Alizadeh, Vaibhav Bahadur, Weng Sheng, Don Buckley, Ali Dhinojwala, “Influence of substrate elasticity on droplet impact dynamics” , Langmuir (2013), 29, 4520

Emmanuel Amino-Danco, Azar Alizadeh, Ali Dhinojwala, “Freezing of water next to solid surfaces probed by infrared-visible sum frequency generation spectroscopy” Journal of American Chemical Society (2013), 135, 2734

Azar Alizadeh, Masako Yamada, Ri Li, Weng Shang, Shourya. Otta, Sheng Zhong, Vaibhav Bahadur, Leihui Ge, Ali Dhinojwala, Ken R. Conway, Joe Vinciquerra, Margaret Blohm, “Dynamic of ice adhesion on water repellent surfaces” Langmuir (2012), 28, 3180

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