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Arun Girimaji

BS, Physics , Chemistry and Math (Bangalore University) BE, Section A- A.M.I.E - Electrical Technology (Institution of Engineers - India)

In recent years, Arun has worked on and contributed to the following projects:


 1. Organic Rankine Cycle Power Plant

  • Commissioned the 172 KW Organic Rankine cycle at the customer site
  • Implemented ideas to overcome challenges with instrumentation and control to start unit in a timely fashion
  • Implemented a scheme to connect and synchronize the induction generator of the ORC with a standby synchronous generator
  • Implemented additional safety interlocks and connected ORC aux power to UPS source in Pepsi plant


2. Downhole Oil Water Separator (DHOWS) Project

  • Designed and implemented the electrical and the control system


3. Miscellaneous Projects

  • VFD control of flange test rig hydraulic power pack
  • Data acquisition, automation for Static Seal Rig using NI LabVIEW


4. Anesthesia Respiratory Care System

  • Design of the control system for replacing the drive gas system


5. Short Circuit Test Set Up for Solar Converters

  •  Complete automation (using PLC) of test to ensure safe operation


6. Designed and implemented a rig to demonstrate concept of ionic wind

7. Design and implementation of electrical / control system for the Ball fatigue test rig

8. Design and implementation of electrical / control system for measuring the KLa of a sparger (Life Science project)

9. Development of 25 kWe Biomass Gasifier Power Plant

  • Designed a PLC based control system for plant and implemented all control and electrical panels
  • Black Start Solution: Designed and implemented a solution for “black start” of gasifier and reciprocating engine


Arun has work on Siemens / Allen Bradley drives and PLC / ACCB / MCCB / earth fault equipment / pneumatics and hydraulics / servo motors and ball screw mechanism.


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