Aritra Chowdhury

PhD, Computer Science (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) MS, Computer Science (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) BE, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (Jadavpur University)

Aritra Chowdhury is a Research Scientist in the Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence group at GE Research. Artificial Intelligence at the forefront of modern scientific and technological progress. Our goal is to drive innovation at the cutting edge of fundamental and applied research in AI.

Aritra has been at GE Research for a year. He is responsible for working on computer vision problems across different GE businesses including Aviation, Healthcare, Power, Transportation (currently a part of Wabtec). He is also an integral part of GE Research's external portfolio. In this role, Aritra is actively pursuing government funding opportunities by working on fundamental research problems in AI and computer vision leading to publications and grant proposals. These problems include the abstract grounding problem in AI using logical and symbolic methods, to bespoke problems in computer vision.

Prior to this, he was at GE Healthcare working on developing deep learning solutions for specific healthcare problems. Aritra completed research internships at GE Research and IBM Research before joining the organization as a full time researcher.

Aritra has published multiple papers in top conferences and journals in AI and computer vision, and has been involved with patenting novel technology in Healthcare, Transportation, Aviation and Power. Aritra has a Ph.D. and M.S. in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and a B.E. in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Jadavpur University, India.


I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.

Richard Feynman
  1. 2017 timeline
    First publication from GE at major international conference - "Blood vessel characterization using virtual 3D models and convolutional neural networks in fluorescence microscopy"
Just for fun
Just for fun

Outside of work, Aritra enjoys playing tennis, reading books from areas other than work and hiking the never ending trails of the Capital region, Adirondacks and Catskills.

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