Anjali Singhal

PhD, Materials Science & Engineering (Northwestern University) BS, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur)

Anjali has been at GE Research for 6 years. She is a Lead Scientist with expertise in X-ray imaging methods required for material characterization and non-destructive evaluations. She is proficient in image analysis and 3D visualization to provide feedback for material selection, process optimization and life assessment models. She has experience in working with a wide range of material systems such as polymer and ceramic matrix composites and high temperature alloys, which find applications across the various GE businesses. 

Prior to joining GE, she completed her graduate work at Northwestern University in the field of Materials Science and Engineering, where she worked with scientists at the Advanced Photon Source (Argonne National Laboratory) to conduct damage characterization of materials using in situ X-ray diffraction measurements. Her collaboration with scientists at National Labs still continues in her present role at GE, where she has designed and conducted in situ X-ray imaging experiments to understand the fundamental deformation mechanisms in high temperature materials.

I believe that Jet engine technology is an engineering marvel. GE has given me the opportunity to work on this and its related technology challenges. The diversity of expertise in my team helps us solve the toughest of problems, and allows us to remain strongly grounded in our engineering and science fundamentals.

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