Andrew Cross

PhD, Engineering Tribology (Purdue University) MS, Mechanical Engineering (Purdue University) BS, Mechanical Engineering (Oakland University)

Andrew has been working at GE Research for four years in the field of mechanical design with a focus on bearing technology. He received his Ph.D from Purdue University in 2014 in Engineering Tribology and joined GE working on X-ray tube liquid metal bearings and polycrystallyn diamond bearings for oil and gas applications.

Since then he's branched out to work on thermal and mechanical analysis for X-ray tube and Neutron source targets, X-ray tube cathode design, combustion test rig design, and hybrid aviation electric machines.

I enjoy working on such a wide range of topics and products. From jet engines to X-ray tubes, each day offers new chances to learn from those around me and contribute to GE’s longtime mission of innovation.

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