Abdul Jabbar

PhD, Electrical Engineering (The University of Kansas) MS, Electrical Engineering (The University of Kansas)

Dr. Abdul Jabbar is a principal engineer driving research, development, and adoption of next generation networking technologies in aerospace, transportation, healthcare, and power generation. His current interests include time-sensitive networking (TSN), 5G, wireless networks, and heterogeneous networks. He is the editor and co-chair of IEEE P802.1DP standard on TSN profile for Aerospace. He has developed novel wireless technologies in the field of wireless patient monitoring, medical body area networks (MBANs), distributed radiation detection and localization, and industrial automation and controls. 

Prior to joining GE, Dr. Jabbar was a researcher at Information and Telecommunications Technology Center, in Lawrence, KS where he developed architectures and protocols for tactical communication and aeronautical telemetry with highly dynamic wireless and LEO satellite networks. He also developed a multilevel state-space framework to quantify network resilience.

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