Research as a Service

The same multidisciplinary research engine that has powered GE for over 100 years is now available to serve you. We offer research as a service by leveraging our high-tech research facilities and technical expertise to tackle your toughest challenges.


Research as a Service
Research as a Service Lab Facilities
  • Cleanroom Facility image
    Cleanroom Facility

    Developing technology and providing low volume manufacturing in a ISO9001 certified cleanroom facility

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  • Forge Lab image
    Forge Lab

    Exploring what's possible at the edge of technical feasibility

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  • MRI Research Lab image
    MRI Research Lab

    Designing, fabricating, and deploying novel conventional and non-conventional MRI systems

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  • Robotics & Autonomous Systems Lab image
    Robotics & Autonomous Systems Lab

    Designing, developing, prototyping, and testing novel robots and autonomous systems

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