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Modeling and Simulation-based Engineering (MSBE) is a critical enabler for product design and an essential capability for solving problems with and improving the performance of complex mechanical systems. Engineers use Modeling and Simulation-based Engineering to optimize the design of parts such as wind turbine blades and products like jet engines, power turbomachinery, and other equipment and to understand environmental and situational effects on parts and products. These effects can have significant impact on product performance, efficiency, and quality. Modeling and Simulation Based Engineering is critical to reducing product design time, improving part and product performance, and improving the manufacturability and serviceability of assets in the field. 

Historically, sophisticated numerical modeling and simulation capabilities, facilitated by High Performance Computing (HPC), were only available to a few national labs, academic research institutions, and Fortune 50 companies because of the capital and talent required to design, implement, and sustain the computing environment and develop domain-specific applications.  Now, GE brings that high-degree of expertise and technological horsepower to you, our customers.

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  • Product Design Blindspot:  Without modeling and simulation, customers struggle with the magnitude of data and the variability of scenarios required for modern product development.
  • Lengthy Time to Market: Companies who continue to rely on physical product design and empirical product performance test having development cycles that lag behind their competition.
  • High Barriers to Entry: The investment required to establish and maintain supercomputing resources is prohibitively expensive and it is time consuming and difficult to develop in house modeling and simulation capabilities.
  • No Access to Talent: Most companies lack highly skilled Multiphysics design expertise and supercomputing experts to support the environment.
  • Pace of Change/Market Complexity: Challenges to product design, performance, and integrity are insurmountable because they are too difficult to track or measure with traditional analytical methods
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GE offers a suite of products and services to help you identify your most critical product design and performance needs and develop a customized approach for solving design challenges and scaling solutions.

By bringing deep product domain, multiphysics design and a deep bench of physical test systems and performance validation capabilities to bear, in concert with GE’s High Performance Computing services, we provide holistic, advanced research, and product development services powered by GE’s world-class software and HPC runtime environment.  This ingenious technical architecture runs highly complex, computationally-intensive, large-scale analyses to optimize product performance and achieve maximum operational efficiency.

Bring us your toughest problem or design challenge, and we will accelerate speed to market and help you outpace the competition.

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GE has a long track record of building and sustaining high performance computing environments. We have reduced the time and expense of bringing new products to market by replacing costly empirical experimentation with sophisticated analytics, modeling, and simulation via our High Performance Computing (HPC) environment. As a robust and mature purveyor of commercially-available capabilities, we are well positioned to offer innovative modeling and simulation solutions.

  • In Context Product Design: We design products with the market in mind, focusing on the key acceptance criteria, cost considerations and performance demands.
  • Success You Can Measure: Whether product cost, quality, or time to market is your biggest driver, we deliver success you can measure.
  • See the Future: We help predict product performance during development to ensure high-quality, top-performing products.
  • Beat the Pack: MSBE accelerates product design and problem solving from months to hours. Use this time to further refine your products… or beat your competitors to market.
  • Real-World Performance: GE brings together our Digital Twin, HPC and Test Cell capabilities to replicate real-life environmental conditions.
  • One Partner for You: We combine modeling and simulation software, deep domain product design expertise, robust test cells, and HPC capabilities into a unified product.
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Our partnerships in the ecosystem are robust. GE maintains strategic relationships with the top HPC hardware vendors and channel partners. GE has also been the top industrial recipient of competitive grants and regularly partners with government and academic research institutions to advance the state of the art of numerical modeling and simulation.

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