Knowledge Management as a Service

Our Knowledge Management approach is centered on the success of what we have implemented at GE. We guide our customers to leverage our methods and learn from our results. Unlike other Knowledge Management approaches, we are people-centered with a focus on enabling and promoting expertise and tacit knowledge exchange. Knowledge is a profit center. Collective knowledge, an intangible asset, has grown to become a significant portion of S&P 500 market capitalization—from 17% to 84%.

We offer guidance and technical know-how to build a complete knowledge ecosystem. Supporting business priorities, integrating people’s capabilities and expertise.


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  • A complete knowledge ecosystem. Supporting business priorities, integrating people’s capabilities and expertise.
  • Establishing an organization-wide Knowledge Management strategy and practice aligned with business needs.
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  • Establishing a Knowledge Sharing culture.
  • Inaugurating a culture of learning, sharing, and promoting knowledge throughout the organization.
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Implementing cutting-edge technology tailored to each organization’s collaboration needs.

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Developing a Knowledge Management operating model and training an internal team to effectively run the Knowledge Management program.

Knowledge Management Services
Strategic Roadmap image
Strategic Roadmap

A visioning session is an interactive, exercise-driven session focused on identifying a clear direction for your desired state. It is designed to simplify the gathering of information. Transitioning your team from theoretical enthusiasm to concrete ideas and initiatives.

  • Strategic Roadmap
  • Visioning Session
  • Strategic Focus Areas
Operating Model image
Operating Model

A strong, empowered, effective and inclusive team is key to success in running a Knowledge Management program. We help design and setup the right operating model to fit your organization’s configuration.

  • Operating Model
  • Stakeholders
  • Communication Plan
  • Governance
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Knowledge Architecture & Networks

A business' Knowledge Architecture is the representation of all the knowledge domains, pathways, and networks. With this, we understand the flow of knowledge from one domain to another.

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Maturity Assessment

A Community health check is a quantitative assessment of the community well being.

  • Health Checks
  • Five Levels of Maturity
Ontology & Taxonomy Development image
Ontology & Taxonomy Development

Leverage your expertise, findability, and connections through a solid term set representing expertise, focus, and functions. Connect expertise, map relationships, and identify areas critical to business growth.

  • Ontology & Taxonomy Development
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Cutting Edge Technology & Processes

We provide adaptive technology to fit your collaboration requirements. Our platform is user-centered with features developed from user input.

  • Cutting-edge collaborative technology
Integrated Rewards & Recognition image
Integrated Rewards & Recognition

Celebrating achievements and demonstrating appreciation are demonstrated enablers for employee participation and commitment. We integrate user contribution with your company’s existing rewards and recognition programs.

  • Integrated Rewards and Recognition
Our History
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    At GE, our knowledge sharing program was re-created as an enterprise-wide KM Strategy and began implementation in early 2016. In just over two years, we have designed and launched 150+ global communities for our engineering staff and others across GE businesses (130K members). Our focus is on tacit knowledge exchange for GE’s engineering workforce. Within a year, we expect to grow to about 200 communities that engage about 175,000 employees in both our primary and supporting roles to our 45K+ engineers. This is the foundation of our KM approach – working within and across businesses to connect employees and drive business value.​ Daniel Ranta is accountable for GE-wide vision and strategy for Knowledge Sharing (KS) implementation that builds on work being done in other businesses across GE with a focus on connecting people, both internal and external, to leverage our collective GE expertise. He has 20+ years of experience in KM strategy, collaboration, content management, portal design, social networking, and measuring business results. He says, “we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and being agile and fast with our continuous improvement efforts.” Since 2013, Rachad has led KM for the GE Renewable Energy business. He specializes in the fields of informal and situated learning to share and capitalize on technical knowledge sharing. He is accountable for the design and implementation of our Renewable knowledge architecture with the right set of business-driven knowledge communities and embedded processes.

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