GE Research Celebrates Mothers

GE Research Celebrates Mothers

There’s no manual for motherhood, perhaps making it the most difficult job in the world. Add to that the pressures of a career – not to mention a global pandemic – and you have yourself an around the clock struggle. At GE Research, we recognize the drive that working mothers have and the challenges they overcome… especially in today’s COVID-focused environment.

This Mother’s Day we’re putting the spotlight on GE Research employees who are moms and thanking them for their continued commitment to their families and their careers. Below are a handful of individuals who are balancing motherhood while helping GE Research see, move, and create the future.

We asked them each a question – see what they have to say about the challenges of modern day motherhood.

What advice do you have for individuals – perhaps mothers like yourself – who are juggling the stresses of a career, parenting, and a global pandemic?
Lana Osusky and her family

Name: Lana Osusky
Title: Lead Engineer
Years with GRC: 7
Mom to: Two kids, ages almost 5 and 2. Partner: Michal

“The pandemic has blurred the lines of my work life and my home life. It’s too easy to just sneak off and get some work done while the kids are watching a show, whereas before COVID I was more mindful of turning my work self off once we were all home in the afternoon. The advice I’d give to others is the advice I keep trying to give myself: take 30 minutes to go for a walk or listen to a podcast or read something fun, even if you have to block time out of your calendar to do it. We are all juggling, trying our best, and looking forward to a post-pandemic life that will hopefully be coming soon.”

Ann Agosti and her family

Name: Ann Agosti
Title: IP Counsel
Years with GRC: 29

“This year our son (age 20) entered the military and our daughter (age 18) experienced a scaled back high school senior year. Several challenges have been realizing it is time for them to make their own adult decisions and learning when to express an opinion versus simply listen. I now wear a smart watch with a vibration alert so I never to miss a phone call. I have been running as many errands as possible with my daughter (still at home until August) because she seems most comfortable talking while in the car. Family dog walks in local parks and Korean take-out meals have been helpful.” * Picture taken pre-COVID on the family’s last big family vacation.

Zhye Yin and her family

Name: Zhye Yin
Title: Senior Engineer
Years with GRC: 17
Mom to: 2 wonderful kids, 6 and 8. Partner: Sungjae

“I try to remind myself to go through one day at a time, especially during very challenging time at work and family such as last year. Also having a long-term perspective of parenting definitely helps. Today’s problems – not eating 4 oz. of milk or skipping poop one day – will be all silly in two years. You will get new problems (maybe even bigger or more serious) but they too shall pass in a few years (most of times!) Instead of worrying about those things, I’m trying to enjoy the changes happening in these two little humans.”

How have you fought through the pandemic both professionally and personally as a mother?
Ramya S and her family

Name: Ramya
Title: Lead FP&A Operations Analyst
Years with GRC: 4.5 years
Mom to: Akshara (daughter, age 2.5). Better half: Sidharth

“The toughest years of my life were 2020 & 2021. The initial days of the pandemic were full of confusion/doubt/questions and how to stay safe with my family. As the days progressed, the only uncertainty that became a certainty was that this pandemic is going to continue for months to come. Constant juggling between office deliverables/household chores/taking care of my daughter’s needs, but the qualities that helped me survive these turbulent times were perseverance/determination/will power/tenacity. Every day presented a new challenge to me but somehow, I was able to keep my head above water. Would not have been possible without the constant physical/moral support from my husband/family. Towards the end of 2020, the only ray of hope was the introduction of vaccines. Just when I started imagining my life returning to normal – me resuming office/my daughter boarding her school bus – the second wave struck us hard. Even during this period of negativity my only mantra: ‘Even this toughest phase of life would pass away and we would emerge stronger/tougher/happier than we were.’”

Jayanti Ganesh and her family

Name: Jayanti Ganesh
Title: Senior Engineer
Years with GRC: 8
Mom to: Two kids, Nishka (12) and Atharva (3). Spouse: Balchandra Vaidya

“Before the pandemic, my way of work-life balance was to keep a timewise separation between office hours and non-office hours and be available in the office during those predetermined hours. It was challenging to create an environment at home where it was acceptable for children that ‘mom is at home, but she has to work!’ It took some time for all of us to get adjusted to this new normal. Once in a while I still face the time management challenge when I have to juggle between the office work, kids, online school, indoor activities, and household chores. I am learning to prioritize the things both at work and at home. I have learned how important it is to indulge children in some routine-breaking activities to boost their morale during this tough time. Thanks to GE work culture, flexible work hours, and my ever-supporting family, I am able to sail through this difficult time.”

Divya Kannan and her family

Name: Divya Kannan
Title: Edison Engineer
Years with GRC: 2
Mom to: A cute daughter, Aaradhya

“The last one year has been really challenging, both professionally and personally, as a mother. To keep up the good work of a responsible mother was my priority with a tiny nurturing baby in hand, whereas being able to contribute potentially to GE, which has been evidently supportive during my hard times was the task in head. My mantra is: ‘Getting dressed well to go to office – share greetings and goodbyes to my dear one – and step inside the room for work’ and come out once work is over for the day. My daughter understands that her Mom goes to work through the day and will be available to play with her in the evenings. Spending evenings with my daughter is my boost for subsequent workdays during these trying times!”

What advice do you have for individuals – perhaps mothers like yourself – who are juggling the stresses of a career, parenting, and a global pandemic?
Andrea Vozar and her family

Name: Andrea Vozar
Title: Research Scientist
Years with GRC: 3
Mom to: 13 month old. Partner: Zach

“I’ve only known pandemic parenthood – day 1 of my maternity leave was day 1 of everyone else’s work from home last March. When I came back to work, I was new to being a working mother and working during COVID. It felt like I should be at home when I was at work and at work when I was at home. The best advice I got the past year was to consider a reduced hours schedule. Turns out it was a good choice for me and helped alleviate enough tension where my day-to-day now feels manageable.”

Chrystal Chadwick and her family

Name: Chrystal Chadwick
Title: Research Scientist
Years with GRC: 8
Mom to: Two kids, ages 9 and 10. Husband: Kyle

“It has been an interesting year working and raising a family during the pandemic. It has been a year of learning to constantly adapt and figure out what things are a priority. Remote learning for two special needs kids was a challenge while both my husband and I continued working full time. We navigated through it together and had to rely on each other more than ever to make it all work. I learned to put things off until later and ask for more time or help instead of trying to take on the world like most moms try to do. I also learned to take more time for myself to relax and de-stress so I could better handle the next situation that arises. I realize more than ever that we all have things going on and I try to be understanding and come at situations with a more positive attitude.” 

Christine Surrette and her family

Name: Christine Surrette
Title: Lead Biomedical Engineer
Years with GRC: 9.5
Mom to: Jackson (2) and Addie (4), plus two dogs, Rocker and Eddie. Spouse: Scott

“The best advice I’ve received as a working mom is that it’s a juggling act with plastic and glass balls. The plastic balls will fall, but it’s ok since you can pick them up and keep going. The glass ones shatter. I have dropped many balls over the last year juggling the stresses of a career, parenting, and a pandemic; ones that I thought would shatter didn’t, ones that I thought wouldn’t shatter did, and I fortunately got some right. I learned which of my balls were plastic and which were glass. I witnessed that we can be far more resilient than we initially thought possible, and we can even grow from the experience.” Explore the metaphor here.

Lisa Lowery and her family

Name: Lisa Lowery
Title: Lead Scientist
Years with GRC: 17
Mom to: Dean (13) and Myra (9). Partner/Husband: Anthony

“I’m a perfectionist who tries to ‘do it all’ but the past year’s global pandemic has forced me to set different expectations for myself. I’ve become more practiced with asking for help or delegating tasks, settling for ‘good enough’ instead of perfectionism (for some things anyways) and have been giving my kids more responsibility. With virtual school, random quarantines, and now spring sports, being able to be flexible while organized with my time has kept me sane. When I need time to decompress, I’ve taken to crocheting or baking, which my family also enjoys.”

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