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Precision Medicine

Disrupting the Delivery of Healthcare

Through science fiction and comics, human imagination has created superheroes, or superhuman characters with amazing powers and abilities. Many are impervious to disease or other threats that would harm a typical human being. In the real world, human ingenuity is allowing us to gradually catch up, thanks to amazing advances and breakthroughs in medicine. We have vaccines that immunize people from diseases like polio and measles; “killer T-cells” that can be extracted and grown from a cancer patient and used to cure their cancer; and new ways being explored to replace drugs with noninvasive devices to improve treatments for chronic illnesses like diabetes. We’re even seeing a future path to re-growing human organs, using 3D printing processes. The hope is that these advances and others lead us to a world immune to disease.


The future of personalized medicine: prediction, diagnosis, treatment and prevention through individual treatments based on a patient's genetics, environment and lifestyle.



At GE Research, we’re bringing together biology and physics in unique and powerful ways to drive new advances in healthcare. We have learned through experience that it truly takes interdisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers to create new breakthroughs.


Bioelectronic Medicine

We have strong teams comprised of physicists, biologists, electronics engineers and signal processing and machine learning experts that are demonstrating a novel, non-invasive stimulation technique that can be used to treat chronic inflammatory diseases in pre-clinical models, instead of the typical drugs associated with treatments today. The goal is to enable better treatments with minimal or no side effects for patients.


DNA Technology

GE Research has some of the world’s top DNA experts who have built an impressive portfolio of tools. The DNA team is exploring faster ways to make vaccines or protective antibodies against deadly viruses such as Ebola and new methods to pre-treat soldiers with vital proteins that could make them impervious to nerve agent attacks for weeks at a time.


Fully Automated Process for Producing Killer-T Cells and Other Cell Therapies

We’re driving a major effort to automate, standardize and scale up the production of therapeutic cells to enable the scalable production of engineered T-cells and other cell-based therapies.


Organ Bioreactors

Aligning bioreactor development with a focus on patient care, our team of biologists and engineers has designed an automated, cGMP amenable, novel cartilage loading bioreactor to mature a 3D bioprinted knee meniscus suitable for surgical therapy.


Autonomous Imaging

We’re combining our expertise in medical imaging with AI, machine learning and robotics technologies to turn healthcare scanners into intelligent clinical collaborators. In ultrasound, we’re embedding intelligence in our systems that will be able to aid technicians in identifying complications.



GE Research is working with GE’s Healthcare business, DARPA, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other key collaborators and stakeholders such as the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research and Kite Pharma to drive new medical advances that place us further down the path to superhuman health.

We’re part of a larger, more expansive effort that is innovating to create a world where cancer can be cured, the effects of inflammation in the body can be reversed, new organs or limbs can be grown or regenerated and where people can be protected from exposure to harmful gases and chemicals.


Through the lens of GE technologies, this is the future world we see…

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At GE Research, we draw from a large variety of interdisciplinary lab facilities ranging from biology, electronics, artificial intelligence, to robots & autonomous systems.

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