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Exploring what's possible at the edge of technical feasibility

Welcome to the Forge! Our mission is to explore and show what’s possible at the edge of technical feasibility. In the Forge Lab we have built an innovative and collaborative culture driven by technology and reinforced by both our physical space and operating rhythm. Our lean, agile teams are focused on building; starting with an idea, connecting to an outcome, and creating iterative, functional demonstrations of industry-challenging technology integrations.

The Forge is expanding its reach with the launch of a second lab in Bangalore, India. With its inaugural missions, the new location is combining the recipe for successful Forge missions with a strong focus on the exponential markets present in India.

A visit to the Forge Lab is a tactile journey – understanding technology and opportunity by touching it, feeling it, and having a dialog about its potential. We strive to make the Forge an energetic, dynamic, and exciting place to work, where we connect and partner to imagine and create the future.

The Forge Way

One of the first questions we are asked as people visit the Forge is, "So what makes a Forge mission different?” This ignited the idea to visually capture a mission's lifecycle in what we call “The Forge Way.” It is mounted on a wall at the entrance to the lab and we have created 3D icons for each active mission that indicate where on the journey they currently reside.

The Forge Way
The Forge Way

As you can see, the map captures the essential elements of every mission. To the left, it all starts with an idea and a dream, culminating on the right with tactical outcomes. Along the top is the evolution of each mission’s “concept car,” representative of the process of translating that idea to a physical demonstration of potential. In the center lies the journey, complete with fundamental questions, conversations, and iterations unique to each team.

Exploring what's possible at the edge of technical feasibility image
R&D Facilities
R&D Facilities

GE leverages its multidisciplinary core capabilities to design and develop advanced solutions to complex, challenging problems.

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