Electronics & Sensing Commercial Solutions

For more than 60 years, the Electronics and Sensing team at GE Research has delivered breakthrough solutions to our customers. Our expertise in semiconductors, microelectronics, MEMS, photonics, and microfluidics have tackled the toughest problems in healthcare, energy, aerospace, and defense.

With strategic partners, such as the U.S. Government, GE Research is equipped to overcome the challenges of this unique industry. Our design, fabrication, packaging, and testing capabilities provide end-to-end solutions that fit all constraints—from performance to costs to reliability. Our experienced team of researchers and scientists use a collaborative approach to develop and deliver solutions to meet your needs.

Fabrication Services

From prototype to production, our 28,000 square foot Electronics Fabrication lab is fully staffed with a growing team of step leaders, engineers, and technicians who construct small structures on a micrometre scale. GE Research stands ready to meet your needs with more than 200 pieces of semiconductor processing equipment. Our goal is to provide you with expert technicians and experience fabrication engineers who will help transform your request no matter how difficult the process challenge

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Polaris for SOI MEMS

Accelerate the development of state-of-the-art MEMS gyroscopes, accelerometers, and resonators through GE’s Polaris process flow.

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Silicon Carbide

Achieve state-of-the art power and low voltage signal designs with GE’s industry-leading SiC process technology.

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Specialized equipment such as Deep Reactive Ion Etching tools and the Sherkin precision PDMS-to-glass aligner/ plasma bonder allow for repeatable, accurate construction of novel device structures.

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A multi-material, multi-substrate approach supports heterogeneous integration from glass via wafer stacks to flexible hybrid electronics.

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With both standard and custom process flows in SiC and MEMS, our facility is tailored to evolve R&D prototypes to production. We are the definition of “Lab to Fab”.

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Superior customer satisfaction with expert technicians and experienced fabrication engineers transforms every request into success no matter how difficult the process challenge.

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200 pieces of semiconductor processing and metrology equipment operated in a 28,000 sq. ft. Class 100 cleanroom. The facility is 150 mm capable with a wide range of substrate types and sizes are used, ranging from 2” (e.g. diamond) to 9” for flex circuits.

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Our experts have a deep understanding of the materials they use and their effects on overall component performance.

Production Innovation

GE Research develops technologies that can create as much as 10x differentiation in customer products, especially those in highly constrained environments. This differentiation is established through system of systems development to manage and often eliminate risk trades across the entire solution. Our solutions span innovation to production and take advantage of our wide range of capabilities, enabling us to tailor the solution to our customer’s needs.

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GPS Denied Navigation

Miniaturized high performance navigation grade MEMS intertial solutions targeted for autonomous systems in GPS denied environments.

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Power Conversion

Vertically integrated research, development, and deployment of high-performance SiC power modules for the Department of Defense and off-highway vehicles market.

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Gas Sensing

GE Research is the world’s expert in multi-gas detection capable of transforming any gas or chemical sensing instrument into a high accuracy high selectivity system.

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mmWave/THz Electronics and Sensing

Advanced phased array architectures and wafer scale processing of ulta-low-loss glass multilayer buildups for low-loss performance.

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Surface Acoustic Wave Torque Measurement

Development of reliable and cost effective long-term direct strain measurements for superior engine control.

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Product Realization Services

Characterization, test and reliability services to ensure manufacturing success of product innovation.

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